Saturday, September 12, 2009

In the Mail

You probably know I am a fan of Book Depository in the UK - not only because of their great range of books and terrific service but mainly due to the free shipping anywhere in the world. Even down here in Australia. Sorry to the book store owners out there but these prices are usually half what I have to pay here.

I am always looking for great new books on my travels and then if I see them - I check them out on Book Depository and then they magically arrive at home, sometimes even before I do.

This was the case this time and here are my latest additions to an ever growing textile library.
The first one is all about how to make books from scratch - very interesting and I could get addicted - once I start that is.

I got the urge to do some more felting again after seeing all the great textile work in NZ. I have an obscene amount of wool rovings at home gathering dust since I bought them (all available colours of course). There was a lady doing nuno scarf demonstrations when I visited Ashfords and I realised I had all the basic ingredients so I promise I will do some really soon.

I did a class with Lisa Engelbretch in Houston a few years ago and loved it so when I saw this book I had to get it. Now perhaps I will be inspired to use all my pens and inks bought over the last few years.

When my friend Alex was here from the US recently she showed me this book which I really enjoyed. Her copy was actually borrowed from her local library but I think I got to own mine before she left the country. Really interesing ideas for creating landscapes with textures and fabrics.

Next time I might show you the bits and pieces I did actually buy in NZ.....

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Sue K (Kiama) said...

I am also major fan of the Book Dep. since discovering it through your blog. Brilliant service and my collection magically grows. Love seeing those brown packages at the back door.