Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Things in NZ

When you travel there are always things that make you stop the car and take a picture. Here are some of NZ Big Things. The big trout below and my favourite - the Big Gumboot above.

Of course there are many more beautiful things to look at although most are created by nature and only just touched by man.

It only rained a little while we were travelling but the rainbow was a bonus

There is a desert in the North Island which does not fit my impression of a desert but beautiful anyway

You are never far from the mountains

And of course the green rolling hills are everywhere.

Hawkes Bay has a pebbled beach and not too appealing for sunbaking or swimming but the view is dramatic.


Anonymous said...

I love the boot and New Zealand is truly beautiful.

Fulvia said...

Lisa, thank you for showing me such a beautiful land! The first two, though, remind me of my own dreams at times ... and the movie Big Fish!

Maria said...

It is a beautiful place. It's on my must do list.

Sue said...

Isn't NZ picturesque? Before she had a digital camera my sister took 12 rolls of 36 snaps in 2 weeks there. I, of course, stood next to her and did exactly the same. Silly of us, copies are cheaper to develop!!!

Kate said...

Lisa - I feel I'm with you on your trip - I absolutely LOVE the gumboot!!!

Judy said...


beautiful photos thanks for sharing your holiday.