Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home for a Minute

I rarely get a chance to blog while I am away but am always thrilled by how many people make the effort to tell me how much they enjoy the blog. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Makes me feel really special.

We had a wonderful time in Brisbane as always and it is great to catch up with old friends.

Our trip back was long but always interesting and now that I have worked out the motordrive on my camera I was busy taking shots. Pity about my dirty window.

Australia is incredibly beautiful and varied. I especially love stopping along the way and seeing classic towns. We stopped in Glen Innes for breakfast and there are some beautiful traditional Australian buildings still in excellent condition.

Here is a Balancing Rock - don't you just want to go and push it?

This bank building facade was retained while the old building behind it was rebuilt. I love that they kept the art deco facade.


Anonymous said...

Love your new ID photo--cute haircut!! camcas

Maria said...

Loved your photos of your drive home. I did that drive soooo many years ago. Also through Glen Innis.

Helen Conway said...

Oh I do, I so much do. [Want to push that rock off]

Anne said...

Ah ... I was born and bred in Glen Innes! Lived on a property nearby actually. The main street Grey St is certainly well kept (the upgrade and return to "heritage" colours began at the bicentenary in 1988 I think). Lots of family and friends still living there and we visit every year.