Friday, October 30, 2009


No it is not a typo just a play on words. I have been (finally) working on my City & Guilds course again and the latest activity was to create a patchwork piece using something recyled. It had to contain some identifiable basic elements of design like balance, harmony, contrast, movement etc

I found this little pair of child's shorts at a thrift store and loved the green zip so decided that they would be perfect for the exercise.

I love the way the fabric looked from the elasticised waistband once the elastic and stitching was removed. Doesn't it look like indigo shibori. I used the waist cord for additional decoration as well as the belt tags.

I broke 2 needles while sewing through the thick layers and freemotion quilted it (where I could) with green thread to accentuate the green of the zipper.

I think this might be a fun workshop. What do you think?


norma said...

I love it! You really did a nice job of repurposing those shorts and it looks well balanced to me. It must have been fun to do, other than the broken needles.

Deborah said...

very creative

Anonymous said...

taking a little break from healing the sick..[!]
I LOVE working with old denim. I use a needle branded for sewing leather[schmetz make them]for my machine and find this is less prone to the green by the way
duty calls again now...


that's a great piece.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. I love the way you used the green and the belt tags

I have just started the City and Guilds course and am battling for time which is most frustrating. How are you finding the course. I am LOVING the work I have done so far.

Helen said...

Lisa, this is fantastic. What a treasure to find the jeans with a green zip already there to use. I love it.