Friday, November 13, 2009


Looks like I have started a flow. I always ask students to send a photo of their finished quilts but only ever get a few. Having posted a few this week has prompted some more.
Heather from Geraldton in West Australia has sent me her version of Breaking the Drought - very different and so interesting and bold. I love it.

Margaret in the UK has sent me a link to her art quilt group. Margaret brought her quilt all the way out here on her holiday earlier this year to show me the finished work . I was honoured that she used up her valuable luggage allowance for me.

I will be in the UK October 2010 if anyone is interested in a workshop but I only have a few days still available. Contact me directly if you want more information.

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Kt said...

Small world. I had lunch with Margaret's quilt group several years ago when travelling with the Solidarity Choir. I know Sheila's sister-in-law in Sydney.
Give them my regards, won't you!