Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Student Quilts

At my Adelaide Crystallisation workshop this week I was thrilled to be shown some more quilts finished by students or made with our fabrics.

Carolyn (who made yesterdays Skipping Boy quilt) is up to her third Aurora quilt (above). She just can't stop and is doing some incredible beading.

Angela who is a longtime member of my Monthly Metres Club made this wonderful quilt from our fabrics. Can't wait to see what she does with her Crystallisation quilt from the workshop.

It was also very exciting to meet Annette at the Show who won a first prize at the show with her wonderful quilt which used fabrics from Dyed & Gone to Heaven.


Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Would you consider offering your Aurora Quilt as an online class? I love these quilts, but I live too far away (US) to take the class in person.

Val Laird said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for a great workshop on Monday. I enjoyed all the "randomness"!


Lisa Walton said...

Will consider the online class but at the moment it is not viable but thanks for the idea. A kit with the fabric and pattern is available though at the website.

Anonymous said...

phew!-twice in a week- I am overwhlemed ! thank you