Sunday, November 1, 2009

Match Made in Heaven

There is a really unique fashion parade about to happen in Brisbane to raise money for the Children's Cancer Institute Australia.

The International Vintage Fashion Parade will held in Brisbane City Hall on 15th November and will be showcasing a stunning range of garments from the 70s.

I wish I could be there - sounds a wonderful opportunity to see some incredible fashions.


Sue K (Kiama) said...

Maybe go to Ultimo College parade instead. (Formerly East Sydney Tech.) Think there are tickets available Tues night - it's at Carriageworks. Last 2 parades were awesome. You may not remember but my daughter and I did one of your first beading classes at Berry (with Nic Bridges etc) She was doing a sample for Tafe.... graduating this week. Yahoo.

Anonymous said...

never mind that dress- check out the wallpaper-I'll bet its flock!!camcas

Judy said...


Wish I could be there too.