Monday, November 2, 2009

Ok Sun - do your stuff

I feel very self righeous today. Our government decided to give a rebate to people who installed solar power units. Peter was very keen and did a lot of research into it and finally got his paperwork in. That exact night - the government suddenly decided to finish the scheme early - that night! We were not impressed and thought that it had all been a waste of time.

We were very surprised a few weeks later to hear that we had just got our application in time and could go ahead with the installation.

Today was the day and now we are the proud owners of 6 solar panels and an inverter which allows us to use solar power and what we don't use we can sell back to the grid.
Apparently we average 26kwh per day and so far we have generated 5. I think this is very cool. Just a little bit for the planet but imagine if everyone did it


Pennie and David said...

Lucky you... we put in Solar HW 28 years ago and there weren't any rebates nor the ability to sell back to the grid! We've saved mega millions of $'s over the years though... so we are still winners!! :-)

Anne said...

I'd love to have solar panels installed. I hear they are $25.000 USD and that we could apply for a rebate for only part of that back. So it would take years to recoup the investment.

Anonymous said...

Good for you and good for the planet!