Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hungarian Blues - updated with quilters names

Went to an Exhibition tonight of Hungarian Blue Quilts which was really interesting. The challenge was to use blue fabrics and preferably Hungarian motifs.
sewn by Somogyi Ferencne, Maria

They all looked beautiful together although some did look a little like Japanese quilts.
This one is Cover with Tulips
by Szomor Agi

The setting was the South Hungarian Social Club which was full of people including some men trying to play pool right in front of my favourite quilt. I think they were getting a bit irritated as we tried to get a good look.

The motifs were beautiful and the fussy cutting was so precise.

I also really liked this applique one
Cut work by Molnar Janosne, Marika

This one is by Zsuzsa Mészáros - see comments.

Even better - there was a cafe so we had the best snitzel I have had in ages with paprika potatoes and the best Vanilla Slice I have ever eaten. Pity I had to share it.....

Lots of friendly familiar faces too so a good evening.

I have had a wonderful number of visitors from Hungary to this post - thank you so much for visiting. If your quilt is included please let me know. I have never been to Hungary but it is on my definite list to visit especially as you make such beautiful quilts. I will actually be in Europe later this year if anyone is interested in a workshop.


Sally Westcott said...

Snitzel? You need to come and eat at my house!


(my email is out! grrrr!)

Vicki W said...

What a treat! The quilts are beautiful.

Kate said...

Lisa - amazing - I wish I'd known - I would love to see the quilts - how long is the display on for????

Marni Goldshlag said...

Don't you think you should have credited the makers of the Hungarian quilts you put on your blog?

Lisa Walton said...

Marni - you are absolutely right. I will do my best to get the names and add them.

zsuzsa said...

Hi! I am Zsuzsa Mészáros from Hungary.
I do not can unfortunately in English, I write this letter with a machine translation program, excuse me for the mistakes.
Very much i'm glad you like it my work and I found you.
Your side the third picture mine, his title: Champing /floating cubes/
We prepared it with Rita with my girlfriend 14 patterned dyers from a substance.
I, he have a work, a title on the exhibition yet: Hungarians' flower garden /old Hungary of map/. Both work is sewed with a hand and with a hand having stitched. The counties different dyer they prepared from a substance pearls mark the county seats. This 1000 pieces 2x3 cm from a hexagon I sewed. Look at it it is nice.
I like it the paprikash potato.