Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Exciting News

I know I have been quiet but not really. I am in Tasmania for a few weeks teaching and touring and my access has been limited but I have just bought a portable modem with another provider so am able to connect to the world again.

I will post more about my travels soon but just had to tell you my exciting news.
I have been selected to teach at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in the UK in August. I am absolutely blown away to be included in the biggest quilt show in Europe alongside some of the world's most amazing quilt teachers.

I am teaching Crystallisation as a two day masterclass. This is the quilt technique that developed into our award winning Bushfire Sunset quilt and is such fun to do. You get to use all those interesting textured fabrics like silk, organza, velvets etc - and easily blend them into your own masterpiece. I love teaching this class.

I am also teaching my Creative Beading workshop which gets you started on a fabulous new obsession (well it did for me anyway).

This trip will culminate in the wonderful week in Orvieto which I have told you about before but will be the most rewarding experience for everyone who joins in with me.

There is, however a bit of a gap between Festival of Quilts in August and Orvieto in late September so I am also looking for other teaching opportunities in the UK and Europe during that period. I already have some classes booked but am very keen to do some more so please contact me if you would like more details. There is the possibility of some workshops in Hungary and Turkey so you can see I am happy to discuss any possibilities. My workshop information is also available on my website.

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