Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010

The online brochure for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham has come out with booking instructions and it is so exciting to see my name included with so many inspiring quilt artists.

I am hoping that there will be some places available in classes for me to do on my free days.

Of course I hope that my classes will be popular as well.
Crystallisation - 17th & 18th August
Creative Beading - 20th August


maggi said...
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maggi said...

Not sure if you get offered any workshop places as a priority but do be aware that some of the most popular ones sell out very very quickly.

Lindi said...

Your classes are sure to fill, Lisa. Who wouldn't want to do them?

Helen Conway said...

Lisa, I have lost your email in a laptop transfer - can you email me? have you got a night free during Festival itself to join Lesley and I for an Indian - we are going to go to the Balti Traingae - the Indian area of Birmingham to get away from the NEC for a few hours one evening. I have asked Rayna Gillman too.

Helen Conway said...

Triangle that should be!

Lisa Walton said...

Won't be trying to jump the queue but hopefully some on my wish list will be available. There are always the lectures too though.