Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Workshop

I spent the weekend with the Stitching & Beyond Group in Kingston here in Tasmania. We did Crystallisation and the colours flying around the room were incredible. I had a great time and came away with even more ideas.

Sally obviously loves purple

but she also brought along her leaf quilt which featured some of my Fusibles. and some she had made with silk paper. Her inspiration for the design was my Beneath the Surface quilt.

The day before my class I returned to WAFU Works down the road in Kingston and stocked up with even more of the great embroidery threads. After showing them to my students there was a rush there at lunchtime for more threads and some beautiful Japanese fabrics which found their way into some of the quilts.

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Block Head said...

Hi Lisa

I enjoyed the workshop and actually finished my quilt! I'll send you a pic

Lesley D

Wafu Works is definitely getting another visit from me - that silk is to die for!