Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ron Mueck Exhibtion

I must admit I hadn't heard of Ron Mueck before I saw this exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)in Melbourne when I had a day off there last week. This newborn baby (complete with umbilical cord) greets you just after the first room containing a miniature of his dead dad.

I am now in awe of his incredible sculptures

This is a closeup of an old lady in bed - her size in total was less than 20 inches. The detail is amazing.

This mask is much larger than life but when you walk behind it...

here is the back view

And my favourite was these two little old ladies

Finally - another look at the humble chicken - larger than a human - hanging from the ceiling


Gina said...

Wow, incredible sculptures! You have me googling to learn more of this artist.

Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...

awesome mask and sculptures.