Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Quilts

As promised - here are the new quilts which are now available on the website and that are being shown at the AQC this week.

Today was the first day of the show and although my feet are sore - it was wonderful to see so many familiar and friendly faces. Definitely my favourite show of the year.

Falling Leaves

Made with Fusibles which are fused to 3in squares and 6x3 rectangles and randomly places together. This quilt can also be made with 6 x 1/2m pieces and a 2m piece of hand dyed fabric in your own colourway with your choice of Fusibles shapes.
Single Bed Size - $150 and coordinated backing is available for $60

Raggedy Fun
Made with die cut squares (140) which are already snipped so none of that tedious snipping is required. Kit contains 140 top squares and 140 backing squares and over 70 die cut hearts or circles to place on altenate blocks. Two colourways - Pinks/Purples with lime green hearts or Blues/Greens with circle shapes. Size is for a baby quilt and kit contains over 6m of fabric as the fringing is 1 in all around each block. Price $160

Quilt Size – 33 in x 43 in (85cm x 110cm)

Terrific Tumblers
Over 250 colour coordinated 3in high tumbler blocks which, when sewn in 16 rows of 16 blocks create a Baby Quilt
Quilt Size – 34 in x 45 in (87cm x 115cm)

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Maria said...

I love all your new Quilts Lisa. can't wait to see them when you come to Perth In May. I HOPE!!!