Sunday, April 25, 2010

Otherwise engaged

I have been a little busy preparing for a few deadlines as well as the AQC which opens on Thursday in Melbourne.

We have sent a record number of tubs of fabric and threads and goodies on the pallet and have another car load still to go this week.

Everything also needs to go straight to Perth for the Quilt and Craft Show in a few weeks time so we really needed to have everything for at least two shows sent so it has really been an incredible few weeks of work.

Some numbers which you might find interesting
  • Since June we have dyed/painted/cut/packed over 3000m of fabrics!
  • Each piece of fabric gets handled at least 10 (sometimes 14) times by the time it is cut/dyed/washed/cut/packed.
  • We have gone through 3 printers worth of toners as well as having bulk printing done commercially.
  • Peter has been dyeing about 50m of fabric a day and I have been painting about 20
  • I have given up counting the number of FUSIBLES we have fused/cut/bagged but I know it is lots!
In my spare time I have been quilting a double bed size quilt which is now, thankfully, finished, finished three quilts for the show and writing patterns for them.

Now I know why I am tired but really really looking forward to going to Melbourne and seeing lots of friends and quilts and all the new goodies.

I will be updating the website with all the new goodies as soon as I can for those of you who can't make it to Melbourne.


Sue in Melbourne said...

OMG you have been so busy, looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne, Lisa.

Squeaksqueal said...

Have a great time, I'm not there this year, but will be thinking of you all!