Monday, May 17, 2010


All finished with my workshops here in Carnarvon.

Above is a shot of the water near the channel which leads straight out to the Indian Ocean. It is nearly about as far west as you can be in Australia.

This local house is being built from a water tank - now that is recycling.

Friendly llama came to say hello when I stopped to take a closer photo.

Smaller group this time and three different workshops happening at the same time which certainly kept me alert and on my toes.
Jane is making a Cutout Magic quilt - four times larger than usual - so striking isn't it?

Helen and Janet are working on their Aurora quilts and Janet had hers quilted and bound by the second day and started on the beading!

Shirley finished her Beneath the Surface top and basted it. Now she is perfecting her machine quilting and I think this is definitely going to be a star quilt.

And what is this - it is the rinse water from my washing which I did after the trip. Lots of wonderful Gascoyne dust. Not quite as red as on the ground but not a bad haul.

And in answer to some of your comments - yes the sky really is that blue - unfortunately for the locals they wish it was full of rain clouds but maybe tomorrow!

Onward to Perth for the Quilt and Craft Show - which opens Wednesday - please come and say hi if you are there.

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Maria said...

Oh Yes Lisa the rinse water for my nappies was often like that in Boulder too.
Beautiful counrty nevertheless.
Yes we do need rain!!