Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gascoyne Junction Workshop

This was the view out to Gascoyne Junction - not much change in two hours but we were chatting so much that we didn't notice the lack of variety in the landscape apart from the odd kangaroo and emu and goats. It was great to see live animals - usually all the Australian wildlife I see are road kill.

Obviously you know you are outback when all your student drive solid 4 wheel drives with genuine red dust. These ladies really appreciate the social contact and drive from between 1.5 to 4 hours each way to meet. The isolation out here is incredible and it was fascinating to hear the conversations about educating the children (School of the Air), the weekly mail run (also delivering supplies) and getting medical assistance (Flying Doctor and phone assistance).
I also learned what Doggers and Woofers were! Such an education

We had a drink in the local pub - great chips too.

One thing that did drive us mad was the invasion of dragonflies which were aparently in mating season. Here is one that obvioulsy had good taste.

My students with their 'Beneath the Surface' projects. Can't wait to see them finished
with beads and quilting.

Now we drive home


Maria said...

What a great experience Lisa and I am sure those Ladies just really appriciated you coming all the way up to spend time with them.

camcas said...

Isnt our country wonderful -"the wide brown land "it surely is!!!
I'm really liking that red orange and blue one- i could see a fabulous goelogical type project here!!!

Sue said...

I bet you had some fun with those girls from the North.
Great photos too.