Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back Briefly

This is Dyed & Gone to Heaven at the Sydney Quilt Show just before the show opened and below was an hour after the show closed! We were quick. But we have to do it all again in three days for the Textile Arts Festival in Brisbane.

I haven't had a chance to blog for a week as it was just too busy at the show and at night we had a great time going out with friends. We had a great time and were really really busy. Lots of our fabric and bits and pieces went to new homes and I really hope that they get turned into beautiful quilts and other masterpieces.
Unfortunately one of my beaded buttons on display has gone to a new home too. Not that it was supposed to but I hope the person who stole it off the wall thinks that it was worth it!
Here is a picture in case you see someone wearing it - it is 3" across so a bit hard to miss.

My mail today brought me the latest Thr3fold Journal from Linda and Laura Kemshall so now all activity will stop while I devour it.

I love their work and find them so inspiring. Their Design Matters TV has the best online tutorials and I anxiously await each one and have never been disappointed. If you haven't already checked it out go to their website an look at the sample shows.


Christine said...

Hi Lisa. I saw you at Darling Harbour and your stand looked fab. Lets hope karma visits the horrible "new owner" of your gorgeous beaded button. We had a great show over at the Young Textile and Fibre Group Feature Display so hope your week was as good as ours.
Hooroo, Christine

Jamie Fingal said...

Your booth is amazing! Beautiful and vibrant colors. So inviting. Wishing you much success.

Chriss said...

Hi Lisa, I am so looking forward to the Textile Fair in Bris tomorrow. I can see the booth with my own eyes! So pleased you are coming and the gods of artistry will sort out the theif....

Lorraine said...

Sorry that you had the button stolen..... I have always wondered how much must get stolen from these shows..... I can't see how you can have eyes every where ....don't worry karma will get even
I am travelling at the moment so missed the show this year... So missed seeing you
But did go into Patchwork Paridise at Rockhampton instead and did some damage to my credit card... Told them that I had seen your comment about them on your blog.... As I missed you by weeks .... Also met the little sewer who was on holidays from school helping mum out in the shop
Best wishes enjoy your trip overseas
Lorraine from Blueys Beach NSW

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Louise said...

Thanks for the links to the Design Matters TV. I was aware of Threefold and have now ordered the latest one. Sad I wasn't able to get down to the Textile Arts this weekend - must plan better for next year! Shame people have no qualms about taking display items that others have spent time and effort to illustrate their designs/products available. Love the button kit and looking forward to making mine up.