Saturday, June 26, 2010

Textile Arts Festival

We are having a great time here in Brisbane at the Textile Arts Festival. Not as big as the other shows and there are some really interesting exhibitors here who I haven't seen before. Above is my quilt Flowing which is part of the State of the Art Exhibition from Queensland Quilters contemporary group.

Louise Snook from Perth is teaching silk screen printing and using some really interesting techniques

The 12 x 12 Exhibition is here too and they look wonderful in the 'flesh'. Here are Brenda and Kirsty who not only look after it all day - run demonstrations of some of the different techniques. Now I know what to do with that tin of Orange De-solve that I have had at home forever.

Loani Prior's whimsical teapots are on display - I am so tempted to get out the knitting needles but I just don't have time for another obsession at the moment. Actually - not sure I have a teapot anyway.

I actually took these photos just before the Show opened this morning which is the only time I get to have a good look and talk to stand holders and demonstrators.
We are really having a good time - pity it is only a three day show but it can only get better.


Sally Westcott said...
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Sally Westcott said...

Oh! can't be there! Too far away for a day trip!

Now - what am I supposed to do with the BIG tin of Orange De-solve I have in my cupboard?

I wish I couls see 12x12 in person. I guess they won't be coming down here next month! Those 2 girls are just amazing!


PS - I had to remove the typos!

Kt said...

We got 4 teapots as wedding presents. So I'm happy to provide an excuse for you to pick up the needles... knit me one!

Gerrie said...

Nice to see Kirsty and Brenda with out quilts!! thanks.

Brenda said...

Thanks for playing photographer again Lisa (even if I look like a clown with my stripy socks!)