Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brilliant Orvieto Images

The Spring workshops have just finished in Orvieto and one of my favourite artists - Jane LaFazio was one of the tutors this time.

Her photos and drawings are just brilliant and she blogged all the time she was there and here is a link to her photos.

So - if you would like to go there in September and join me in my workshop this might just tempt your tastebuds.

My workshop is called Textured Treasures and we will be creating small textures pieces using beading, rubbings, fabric painting and collage based on the sights and images and textures we find as we explore this beautiful Italian town. This image below is a nearly completed beaded piece based around a piece of Agate I picked up in Japan at the Aquarium. Reminiscent of the swirling waters and life underwater.


smithcat said...

thats beautiful!

camcas said...

fabulous muted colours black....Hmmmmm......gets me thinking.......!!!!

Sue in Melbourne said...

Lisa I really love this..just beautiful.