Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Beaded Buttons

As I unpacked last week for the Melbourne Quilt Show I realised that I had left my Beaded Button samples at home and as they were a featured product I needed to make some more quickly.
Luckily they are really simple so I grabbed some kits and made these up in the hotel room. Even though I was tired and had a gin and tonic or two under my belt I was quite pleased with them.

They really look great as a brooch (with a brooch back glued to the back) or sewn onto a quilt to add that zing. You could even use them as buttons of course. Wouldn't they look brilliant on a plain shirt?

If you would like to make your own , I have kits in a wide range of colourways for only $25 which included 2x 38mm button blanks, heaps of beads, needle, beading thread, hand dyed fabric and stabiliser and pattern including the simple beading stitches.

Wouldn't they make great presents?

I also still have a few copies left of Down Under Textiles where this project was originally published but you will need to be quick.


Lora Martin said...

Hi Lisa,

I'd love a copy of Down Under Textiles if the price isn't too dear. The buttons are beautiful and I love the idea of using them on a plain shirt.

Judy said...


The buttons are beautiful, you are great at whipping things up in a hurry, clever you.