Monday, August 2, 2010

Festival of Quilts

I am packing - yes again!
In just over a week I leave for the UK and the Festival of Quilts - I am so excited!
They have just released a few more places on their website for my Crystallisation Workshop on the 17th so if you are in the area and fancy having a fun few days playing with all sorts of fabrics and creating a striking geometric design why don't you sign up?

This is the quilt that inspired my award winning Bushfire Sunset and uses the same piecing technique. It is a very freeing and relaxing workshop that breaks lots of rules so if you are feeling like a break from tradition - this is the one for you.

ALSO - I only have 4 copies of Down Under Textiles (mentioned in my last blog post) left so you will need to be quick if you want one!


Sally Westcott said...

Have a great time in the UK Lisa!

I just wish! I'm so envious! Have some fun for me too!


Deborah said...

Have fun on your trip!

Judy said...


I love both of these quilts, Have agreat time in the UK and enjoy yourself as well as working hard.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Do you still have any of the Down Under textiles left? I would love one if you do.