Thursday, August 26, 2010


In Edinburgh having a great time. My son lives here and we haven't seen him for over a year so it is great to catch up.

The Edinburgh Festival is on too which makes it all so exciting and vibrant. Today I will show you some of the architecture and tomorrow some Festival stuff.

Here is the entrance to the Castle but it was too crowded (and expensive) so we didn't go in. All castles tend to look the same after a while or am I getting a bit jaded.

This is one of the boards showing the shows that are on. These are only the main three venue - there seem to be hundreds.


Quilts and Cats said...

I've always been fascinated by Scotland and read alot of historical fiction about it. How lucky you are to get to go there and have someone who lives there to show you around. I'm looking forward to all your pics.

Christine said...

I loved Edinburgh Castle there is much patternations inside Lisa.It's different to other caastles or is that the Scot in me coming out.
Christine from Bathurst but in Dallas Texas.

Petra said...

I am Dutch but I love Scotland and Edinburgh. I will not be able to go and see any gig there this year, but I can recommend a gig by Nick Keir, on August 29 in St Brides. An evening full of good music and lost of laughter. If you go, I will envy you very very much! (I have to wait until December to see him in Edinburgh.

Judy said...


What a great time to be in Edinburgh, and to have family there is an added bonus.

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