Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another perfect couple of days

Internet access here in Orvieto can be a little erratic - especially as I need to go and have a yummy cup of coffee to get the wifi.

Our classes are a lot of fun - we have been carving stamps based on motifs we find on our walks, stamping, foiling and painting fabrics. Yesterday we had our beading class and it was such a beautiful morning that we did it out on the terrace. My students are getting very adventurous

Today they are painting silk scarves which will be stamped very soon.

Local transport here is varied but I love these little trucks for getting through the narrow streets.

These are the most beautiful columns all around the outside of the Duomo.

One of the highlights so far for me was the cooking class in the very fancy Zeppelin restaurant. We cooked a four course meal from scratch including bread, pasta, soup, stuffed chicken and a desert of mascapone, ricotta and drunken peaches. Then we got to sit in the restaurant and have it all served to us. Magnificent evening!

This is me making pasta - one kilo flour and 10 eggs and lots of kneading


Sue Dennis said...

Looks like great fun Lisa!

Ami said...

Aahh Lisa. The cooking class looks fabulous! What fun. The kitchen looks devine too.

Anonymous said...

Great looking chefs in the restaurant

Anonymous said...

Great looking chefs in the restaurant

Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous class Lisa, thank you. We were so sad to see you all depart this morning. It is lonely without you. At least Pip is with us for one more day. There are not enough words to describe how fantastic your work and your teaching are. Abrracci! Kristi and Bill