Thursday, October 7, 2010


I started this blog entry last night - or was it yesterday morning - in the airport in Seoul but am now home and after fighting my way through the undergrowth to the front door I am so happy to be home.

Do you need to say anymore about Venice - no probably not.
We spent four days there and the memories will last forever of course.

When you think of Venice you probably think of the canals and the gondoliers and St Marks and Murano Glass. We did all those things (not the gondoliers though we saw hundreds - or was it thousands) but what I enjoyed most were the back streets/canals and the little alleyways that turned into squares with markets and interesting shops.

This little market was the result of following a piece of paper tacked to a pole and had antiques, leatherwork and amazingly - beads.

They said they were genuine Murano beads but they looked suspiciously like the chinese ones I buy. But there was a wonderful box of what looked like fringing samples which I think were genuine.

They were about $8 each but as usual I wanted the whole box so didn't buy any.

Everything is done on the canals - even the luggage deliveries to the large hotels.

We did go to Murano - the ferry tickets are great value - you can travel all day including to the islands like Murano - but all a bit overwhelming. I did enjoy the little glass blowing I saw (don't go at lunchtime) but really liked this box of rejects.

This fellow turned this lump into a twisted thread about 1/2in wide by 20 foot long.

We were fortunate enough to see the Aqua Alta - the High Water which happens this time of year.

Fascinating to the tourists but understandably very annoying to the traders.

Just inside St Marks before they made you turn the cameras off.

Amazing to think these mosaics have suffered like this for hundreds of years. I did some sketches of patterns inside and tried to do some rubbings but they have been rubbed smooth.

Well I hope you have enjoyed sharing this epic trip with me. Thanks for all your lovely comments along the way. I have had the best time and met so many terrific people and seen incredible sights. Now back to reality and preparing for the Brisbane Quilt Show in less than two weeks then straight off to Houston. My life is a whirl at the moment but I wouldn't change a thing.


Lindi said...

Welcome home (briefly'). I've enjoyed touring with you. Thank you! :)

Ali said...

Thanks for this Lisa - I've thoroughly enjoyed the trip and just fondled the murano bead necklace my mum brought me back many years ago now. What stunning photos ... thanks so much for the journey.

Judy said...


Welcome home! Yes I have very much enjoyed your epic journey thank you very much for sharing your trip with us. I have seen things I may never see and I feel it has been a privilige to have seen a small portion of what you and Peter have seen.

Suzanne said...

I have loved your travel photos and descriptions. Thank you for taking us along.

Lorraine said...

Loved your photos and comments of where you were ...glad you had a fab time ...

Sue Dennis said...

Lisa, see you in Houston next month! We have just been to Disneyland. Loved all the Italian views & GB travels.