Friday, September 17, 2010

A day of Victoria and Albert

What a day!
We were at the V&A Museum when it opened its doors this morning. The Chiguley chandelier never fails to take my breath away.

This was my third or fourth visit and I found whole sections I had missed before. It was so inspiring.

I love the scale of the plaster casts rooms.

There was also an exhibition of Beatrix Potter and this is one of her original sketches.

I did a few sketches (bad ones) in the jewellery section but finally found the textile study area. There are many cases like this one full of textiles. It was wonderful to see them up close. I had the whole area to myself which was so peaceful.

I was able to make rubbings on a variety of tiles which I have added to my growing collection. I have always loved these Spanish designs - which makes my forthcoming trip to Barcelona even more exciting.

Of course the Museum shop is always worth a visit but it is amazing what some people will buy! I didn't bother with these earrings

but I did buy a set of design books just to add to the weight of my luggage.

After getting a bit lost in the rain around the Albert Hall - we finally made it to Buckingham Palace (albeit the wrong end) for our booking at the Queens Gallery for the Victoria and Albert exhibition. No photos allowed unfortunately but a fascinating insight into the love and art of this couple. Highlight for me was the jewellery including the most stunning diamond earrings and necklace which I think must have come down from the Crown Jewel collection in Windsor. There you are only allowed to see everything for a few seconds. This time they were only inches away for as long as I liked.

The afternoon was topped off with a classic Afternoon Tea. It was in a hotel across the road from the Royal Mews (where the horse guards live)so lots to watch from our window seats. Not cheap - in fact over 20 pounds each but you only live once don't you.
Here is it in all its glory.

And here it is a little while later........

The day has been a great one - exhausting and filling but a great one.


Amo said...

You know, I enjoyed that textile room more then the quilt exhibition back in June. Sad I know but I could spend hours pulling out those upright drawers! Must go back again...

Vicki W said...

I love that museum! I'd like to spend a week in the textile study room and I never leave without dropping a lot of cash on books.

MissMary said...

Oh Chihuly, how I do love thee! He's got a stellar exhibit in Nashville currently--both at our art museum and botanical gardens. AAAAAND we just had an exhibit from the V & A come through--the Golden Age of Couture. Unbelievable. Went many times. LOVE. Would love to visit the V & A myself at some point. :-) Seems you had a GRAND time!

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