Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food Again in London

A trip to the Borough Markets in South East London under the railway viaducts was suggested by our good friend Tony who just happened to be in London today from Bangkok. We do meet in interesting places. We had a great time sampling the cheeses and sausages and fruit and cakes.

My favouritest patisserie in the world are the enormous mereingues in France and here they had chocolate and strawberry ones. A bargain at 2.50 pounds so of course I had to have one.

I could have bought game,

peaches and figs from Spain (will wait for next week for those as they will be even fresher)

local smallgoods

We ended up walking over the Millenium Bridge (long way to carry your double bass)

past St Pauls

to the Guild Hall which was a bit of a disappointment as I was expecting more of the Guilds items in the museum rather than pictures of politicians although the full size Margaret Thatcher in marble was a bit of a fright. There was a very nice Dante Gabriel Rosetti painting there though and in the basement was a Roman Amphitheatre which was unearthed when they built it.

Finally back in our hotel after a long day we collapsed but I thought I would show you the door to the men's toilet in the bar downstairs.


camcas said...

how could you even consider eating those works of art-aka cupcakes!!!!
they are for the wild boar sausage...nah!!!

Beverly said...

Thanks for the laugh over the gent's loo!!!