Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally in Orvieto

After thinking and talking about it for over a year - I am finally here!
It is so beautiful and peaceful after the frenzy of Barcelona and we are having a great time - of course.
The residence we are staying at used to be a convent with contemplative gardens and views to die for. The rooms are all fully modernised and we have the biggest room and best bathroom of the last 6 weeks (24 different ones we worked out).

Our hosts - Bill and Kristi of Adventures in Italy are so friendly ,relaxed, helpful and generous - it is like we have all known each other forever. We have already eaten too much and walked and walked around this small (1 1/2 x 1mile wide) hilltop village, explored shops, eaten gelato, drunk brilliant coffee and I have managed to fit in bit of teaching too. Although my students have temporarily deserted me to shop, I think they are having fun. They have promised to return....

Inspiration is everywhere from the entrance to the convent

to the paved roads

to the tiles on the roof

I will post more when I can - I have to force myself to find time to come and drink yet another cup of coffee to get the wifi but I am prepared to make such sacrifices for you.


camcas said...

yes- I can feel the sacrifice as you post!!!!

Lisar said...

I have been so enjoying your travelogue...but was really looking forward to hearing about Orvieto as I am thinking of a trip to one of their workshops next year...hope you have a fantastic time!!!

Sue Dennis said...

Looks heavenly!

Di said...

What a beautiful place to stay, Lisa. Like you, I never cease to be excited by all the wonderful design elements in Italian architecture and love going there. Orvieto is about half an hour's drive from Manciano where we've stayed a couple of times in our friends' villa. Enjoy the peace, and let those creative juices flow! (I wish I was there too!)

Suzanne said...

What an absolutely beautiful place...inspiration around every corner!

Karen said...

Great photos of some amazing sights- the buildings and architecture are just beautiful!