Friday, September 24, 2010

Casa Batllo

Gaudi's Casa Batllo is the most beautiful building. I was hypnotized by its lines and curves and colours. We spent a few hours there and I have come away so inspired.
This is the main room looking out onto the street.

The central staircase and air shaft

Some of the roof mosaics

This is the attic space - I love the lines and the light

The chimneys where merged to create a more interesting effect and tile with broken tiles because you can't tile around curves with straight tiles

This window has air vents as part of the design


Lisa said...

Oh fantastic, I would so love to go here! It looks fantastic.

downunderdale said...

it's almost got a wee touch of Hundertwasser -

Judy said...


Such A fascinating building shame no one ever followed Gaudi, if they did it was always much more subdued.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeously curvaceous