Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Missing in Action - Edinburgh style

I haven't been able to blog as I had no access for a few days but I have been busy.
Our time in Edinburgh was terrific. Being right in the middle of the city there was always so much to do. This is the Castle from Grassmarket square at the bottom of the hill. There are so many interesting levels in Edinburgh.

Even just walking the streets was entertaining.

The shows were weird but entertaining and the atmosphere was really exciting. Some days we saw two shows as they were usually only one hour long and in incredible venues. One was in a cave or it was certainly underground with plastic sheeting above to stop the drips falling on your head. Every space seemed to be a venue and there were hundreds.
The shop windows were interesting too - this one was for a spooky walking tour (I think)

and this was a display in a book store - Attack of the Knitted Tentacles!

One day we took the puppy to the beach. Not the best day but he loved it.

And here was my favourite dessert - Summer Pudding with Raspberries and clotted cream.

So you can see we were certainly busy.

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Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Thanks for the photos of Edinburgh.

Ian Rankin (a Scot)is my favourite crime writer and all his book are set in the city. Always thought it would be great to go to Edinburgh for a look but never did.