Monday, September 6, 2010


We had a few days off and headed to Dorchester where we stayed in a very flash B&B. It had a walled garden and tennis court and pool but of course we didn't do anything too athletic - just walked around the walled garden and pinched a few raspberries out of the garden. Of course blackberries are everywhere.

I think if I was going to live in England I would need to be very rich. I love the old manor houses and it is a life style I would like to be accustomed to.

The beach at Weymouth (once you got through all the pre Olympic roadworks) is trying to retain the old style English seaside icons. There were deck chairs for hire, swings, pedalo boats and even a Punch and Judy Show and a fortune teller. All very pleasant on a nice sunny day.

After the beach we travelled further to Portland where most of the stone used for major buildings in England comes from including Buckingham Palace. One interesting place is a sculpture park where big lumps of stone have been placed in a circle and sculptors are invited to come and sculpt them. It was a bit hard to find and obviously not well patronised but interesting anyway.

We also went to Blackpool on our way down from Scotland - nowhere near as nice as Weymouth and it was a bleak windy day.

Not very pleasant at all and they don't appear to be able to spell there either.


Beverly said...

And I thought the increasing inability to spell common, simple words was strictly an American phenomenon- apparently not!

Suzanne said...

Love the second photo looking down the arch-path way.

Judy said...


Lovely paces you have been visiting!

Kt said...

When (if) you come home, I need a list of English B&B recommendations. It sounds like you've stayed at some lovely ones.