Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sore feet again

Today we ventured out on public transport and managed to find Parc Guell which was originally planned to be a garden estate but failed due to lack of interest. Gaudi lived here for over 20 years and designed the 'show home' and garden areas
This large area is surrounded with these curving mosaic benches all around with the most incredible views of Barcelona. The animal spouts are drainage holes and would have been very active yesterday as it rained nearly all day. Today, however, the sun was warm and in a cloudless skiy. Bit too warm some of the time..

Underneath this area are more of his stone columns - trees and mosaics

These are based on the palm fronds seen above - a common motif of Gaudi's

Even the windows had creative designs and these were hidden in a quiet back area.

This is the famous gheko water feature.

We also went to the Joan Miro Foundation which is a purpose built gallery and study centre set up by Miro himself and absolutely full of his drawings, paintings and sculptures along with many works of his friends like Calder, Henry Moore and Matisse. Unfortunately no photos were allowed but these two were in the gardens so could be photographed.

I have a much better understanding of his work and his visual language now although he was a lot more intellectual than I could ever be so a lot is lost on me.

The gift shop had some colourful and interesting items including these felt pieces but I resisted.

Tomorrow there is a major Festival starting in town with parades and concerts and fireworks for the next few days until we leave on Sunday.
I think the peace and quiet of gentle Orvieto will be a welcome oasis.

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camcas said...

dont know how you could bear to leave those fabby felt flowers..I think they would have all come home with me!!!!