Friday, September 24, 2010

Bizarre Day

Two hours on a train this morning to visit Salvidor Dali Museum. This was his car and if you put some money in a slot - it rains inside the car and waters the plants.

The museum is in a restored burnt out theatre where he actually had his first exhibition in the foyer.

I was in a small dark room looking at some of his sculptures and turned a corner and there was his crypt. Slightly disconcerting but what else would you expect of him.

One the way back to the train station we came across this sculpture in an empty square. We didn't notice the face at all until we saw the photo

We liked these cows too. The village is a traditional quiet sleepy village but every now and then we came across something different like this.

Tonight marks the beginning of a four day festival called Merce 10. The Giants of Barcelona performed in one of the many squares

and was joined by a large group of protesting firemen and ambulance men - we think they were anyway. There was a group of dignitaries on the balcony watching the performances so we assumed the protest was for them.

The evening was topped off when we walked home from dinner and heard music coming from an enormous church in a square. There was a choir contest inside so we sat and watched and listened for a while. It was going on until 11pm but we left before the end. The streets are still full and noisy with concerts going on all over the place. Our apartment is right on the main street but we have a back bedroom thank goodness.

All in all a very bizarre day!


Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

A bizarre day but how wonderful to have packed so much into the day. Love the pictures.

Judyth said...

WOW What a wonderful day, the photos took me with you on your experiences, thanks, Judyth

camcas said...

Bizarre is a good thing!!!No time to be bored and you will appreciate your sleepy little Italian village more!