Friday, October 29, 2010

Looking Around Houston

Today I took the shop tour. The main reason I wanted to go was that it also went to NASA but I enjoyed the shops even though I didn't buy anything. This is the last Apollo Rocket made. This one was not launched but they have used the only bit that comes back to earth. It is the little rusty looking capsule at the top and was one that was recovered.

I ate some of the freeze dried icecream. They did taste like Cookies and Cream that they were supposed to but when they fell off the spoon (as they did because they were small and round) they melted just like icecream all over my clothes!

The shops were interesting with a big focus on childrens clothes made from patchwork cottons and bags bags bags! I did like these oversized buttons which were used on the bags.

One shop had different rooms like this Happy Room (with childrens fabrics) as well as a Repro room and a sale room etc.

All three shops we went to were very large and had good classroom areas. One did show signs of the lack of money generally around as the shelves were padded out with gimmicky nic nacs rather than fabric. Stock looked a bit tired too but the other two stores had good current ranges. One thing I did notice was the complete lack of anything to do with Art Quilting. A few token books and some bits and pieces but generally very traditional or the usual Kaffe ranges.

I did a little shopping tour to a local mall but it was a bit out of my price range. All the top line shops were there (and empty). I did like these Jimmy Chu ugg boots although I didn't bother to ask the price. I suspect they weren't cheap.

Tomorrow is Day One with an early start and lots to see and do in Schoolhouse and then Sample Spree which I believe is a manic experience.


ChristineAbela said...

How big are the buttons? In the picture, the perspective makes them look about a foot in diameter when compared with the lady on the right!

I'm looking forward to your comments - especially the foodie ones. lol


camcas said...

Glad you have tried the astronaut icecream- now you can cross that one off the culinary bucket list!!!!LOL!!!
Love the ugg boots with the studs- reckon they would be just the business at quilt market with all that walking. Please post lotsa picks-would love to go there one year!

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Great photos, Lisa! I want those boots!