Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to Houston - the Adventure Begins

Finally made it! Long flight with delays and queues, queues and more queues. Even witnessed a bit of queue rage with some particularly obnoxious queue jumpers.

Anyway - well and truly settled into my delicious room at the Hilton and this is the view out the window of (most of) the George Brown Convention Centre. About 3/4 of it I think - it is a very large building and tomorrow is setup day for Market. I must admit is great not to be thinking about setting up a stand and just being able to enjoy it all.

Tomorrow I am off on a tour of Patchwork shops and NASA. Actually more interested in NASA at this stage as from Friday on I will be totally in quilting overload - can't wait though.

I love this sculpture outside the convention centre - I am not sure of the scultptor but it looks very similar to ones in Paris which I also love. Will check it out next time I am passing.


Francie said...

I'm so excited for you! I was just at Pacific International in California, but that's small potatoes compared to Houston. Houston is on my radar for one day. Enjoy it all for me... looking forward to your posts!

Mary-anne said...

Enjoy!!!! and NASA is very interesting too.
best tip - DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse - over the BIG road from Galleria!!!

camcas said...

If you get the chance try out some freeze dried astronaut icecream...tastes just like the real thing only dry not cold...very strange !!!
Have fun!

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

I attended the quilt conference there in 2001! It was fantastic & someday I'd like to make a return visit. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!

kristi said...

Hooray for just getting to Houston from Oz. And congratulations again for being the recipient of this amazing professional award. Hope you soak up endless ideas and inspiration, all to share with us back in Italy in 2012! Can't wait to hear more.
Kristi Steiner