Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wool Cushion

I have been playing with some samples of my gorgeous new hand dyed wools and have just finished this cushion (top only so far). I wanted to keep it simple for my first one so it was really easy and quick. It is 21" square.

I asked for and received advice on working with wool and was grateful for the ideas I was given. I really must find a Rajah Cloth for pressing. I presssed the seams open and loved working in this wool. It cuts and sews beautifully.

I have a few more designs in the pipeline - mostly based on mosaic tiles from Venice. Comments are welcome.

I will be making this into a kit in the very near future.

The colours used are Rico Green and Slate.

1 comment:

Aussie Jo said...

Nice combinations Lisa.
Nicole has Rajah cloths in her online shop if you can't find up there