Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beaded Artwork for Auction for Queensland Floods

I have joined the growing group of people donating work for the relief effort for the dreadful floods. I just get so upset when I see houses with the water up to the rooflines. Where would you start in restoring some sense of normality to your life? I cannot imagine what it would be like.

So I am donating this little framed beaded piece to be auctioned. It is called Monterey and was based on my visit to the Monterey Aquarium in the US a few years ago. It sort of has a water theme so appropriate for the moment.

The frame is 11" x 11" and the beaded work is 6" x 6".

How the Auction works

1. Bidding starts at $100 Australian.
2. Place your bid by adding a comment here stating how much you are willing to offer to own MONTEREY. Your bid must be greater than the previous bid.
3. All bids must be in whole dollar increments.
4. The auction is open to all and the price will include postage to any address worldwide.
5. The auction is now open and closes at midnight on the 24th of January 2011 (This will be midnight Sydney/Australian time).
6. I will contact the winner at the conclusion of the auction. The winner must commit to sending their bid to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal and provide an email receipt as evidence of payment.
7. Once I have evidence of payment MONTEREY will be posted to its new owner.

Your generosity is much appreciated, particularly by those most affected by the floods. I offer you my thanks on their behalf. Please share this auction with as many people as you can. Other Auctions currently underway include Brenda Gael Smith and Nic Bridges and a full list will be available at the Make it Perfect Blog very soon.


Brenda said...

I bid $120.

Lindi said...

$150, Lisa

Amo said...


Sally Westcott said...

$250 - I love that little quilt!

Amo said...


Jenny Bowker said...

$200 for me - and I will keep an eye on this. It is a lovely way to give and get something back as well.

Post it on SAQA too.


Cate said...

$350 from me

Nancy said...

Lisa, this piece is exquisite, can't bid but the lucky purchaser is going to have a real joy at hand. Nancy

Helen Yann said...

Lisa, it's a gorgeous piece. i bid $360. thanks Helen

Cate said...

Not sure if auction is still open? If so, I bid $385. Cate Grace