Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Floods

All of Australia has been glued to their TVs watching the devestating floods happening in Queensland and Western Australia and NSW. I have friends in all those places and can't believe what is happening.

Most of the local TV channels have back to back coverage on all day and I am just glued to it.
Although the authorities don't want any goods to be sent to the devestated areas,  everyone wants to help. There are appeals set  up to donate money - The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal is the main one which will directly help the people of Queensland and now there are other groups setting up ways to raise money.

Toni has set up a Flood Appeal Auction where 100% of all money raised goes directly into this Appeal. 
My friend Nic Bridges has donated one of my favourite of her quilts to the Auction and already bids are showing the extreme generosity of those who just want to help somehow.

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