Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Fabric Combinations & Price Reductions

Due to the great Australian dollar - we have been able to REDUCE OUR PRICES on our basic cotton poplin fabric sets. This is our main fabric and is a high thread count 100% cotton. I never use homespun as I prefer the soft hand and fine texture of this fabric. Check out the website for the new prices.

We have been dyeing some new combinations of our colour sets to celebrate the price drop.
Above is Boysenberry
and this one is Mocca
 This is Rockmelon (Cantelope to some)
And this is fresh cool green is Peppermint (I keep thinking of Aero Bars)
 Hope you like them.
They are available in Fat quarter, 1/2m and 1 metre sets of 6 and will be at the AQC next week as well.
I will be posting more of my new products over the next few days and am very exited about them.

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