Friday, April 8, 2011

Vintage Linens

Something new for us to be launched at the AQC are our overdyed linens. We have been scouring the charity and opportunity stores in all our travels and have found an amazing treasure trove of unwanted damask tablecloths, serviettes, lace and cutwork. I am becoming an expert in identifying suitable items for a new life.

We have dyed some in sets and some in gradations for variety in a rainbox of colours
I originally planned to use damaged items as cut fabrics for patchwork - to give them a second life - but have been amazed at the quality of what I have found. They can be used as backgrounds for applique projects, wholecloth quilts or even reverse applique.

This wholecloth piece was just spray basted over a contrasting piece of hand dyed fabric
 and then free motion quilted around the design. So easy and such fun and effective. I have only gone around the design in this piece but there was even more opportunity for interesting quilting in the centre and larger areas but I wanted to keep this one simple. It is about 1m square.
This was a set of 6 napkins cut into quarters and then stitched together and free motion quilted
This technique could be used to make a really quick baby or lap quilt and the silky feel of the serviettes makes it very tactile.
Once they are given a second life with dyeing they start to take on a new life of their own.
Imagine using these as decorator items in your home or on your table for afternoon tea.
I have lots of different colours and shapes and sizes so can't put them on the website yet but if there is something specific you want like a damask tablecloth in a certain size - just let me know.


Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

How cool! Sweet idea; love the re-purposing; mother-in-law gave me lots of these! Thanks for the post!

Lindi said...

You have me drooling, Lisa. I just want to get amongst all the ones you have dyed and collect up all the ones I like best. :)
Absolutely brilliant idea!