Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Fabrics

We have been very busy dyeing some new colourways. I always enjoy the process of identifying great combinations and then creating them.
If you have wondered about our very high tech dyeing workshop - here it is!
Pretty flash isn't it but we love working in the garden and can even (and often have) work when it is raining as this area is undercover.
Regular readers of my Facebook page (where you will find a great FREE offer) will recognise these photos of the fabric drying in the lovely Australian sunshine. Peter always insists on hanging them in order and I love the way the garden fills up with colour.
These are the latest colours and there are many more underway as well. They are all on the website now.
Blue Purple Combination
 Monet - I thought of the soft landscape colours
 Ocean - Deep sea blue grading to soft green
 Rose Petals - pink grading to mauve
You can order these sets of 6 (or 12 for the rainbows) in metre, half metre and fat quarter sets and now you can order individual colours as well. Watch out for more colours over the next few weeks.


Suzanne said...

Oh my...what wonderful colors!

flash template said...

I don't have any words to appreciate this post.....I am really impressed ....the person who created this post surely knew the subject well..Thanks alot!

Kathleen said...

Yummy colors. mmm

Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Love your new colourways especially Regal and Sunset, looking forward to the next ones coming up.