Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring Festival at Bright

Just before we left for the US I taught my Beneath the Surface class at Bright during their Spring Festival. What a lovely part of the country. The gardens were beautiful and Bright is a really pretty town with lots of foodie places on the way there too.
I have never taught in a pub before and the class couldn't start till 10 because that's when the pub opened. However we had a large room with lots of space so once we found the airconditioning switch we were fine.
Some of my students - Anne and Janice came all the way from Wagga to have another class with me which was so thrilling for me. Groupies !!
They actually got to the basting stage of their quilts which was terrific.

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Sewjournal said...

Looks wonderful Lisa. I really like New England and the people are so friendly. Have a great time!