Thursday, October 20, 2011

USA - Vermont

Well after about 30 hours in 3 different planes of ever decreasing sizes we finally laid our weary heads on a pillow in New Hampshire for our first nights sleep in the USA.
Three hours in this building site at LAX airport was not a lot of fun ,
But I loved this couple waiting at Cleveland airport tapping away on her macbook so intently.
Imagine my delight when we arrived at the breakfast in out hotel to find a waffle machine with maple syrup in jugs. Regular reader will know that this sort of treat really gets me excited.
We then had a pleasant drive to Vermont where I was to speak that night to Maple Leaf Quilters and then today to teach my Beading workshop.
My talk went quite well although Peter had to step in at the last minute to change the pictures on the computer but he was terrific. I think his aside comments and gestures amused my audience more than my talk but he was great at it

Today I taught my workshop to a very full class in a really large room at a local church.
Had a quick lunch downtown where I had an enormous turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo (very yum) with chips and then back to class

My students really seemed to enjoy themselves and I was given some lovely little presents.
 On the way home up the mountain we stopped a few times to get some pictures of the changing leaves. Evidently last week they had a big windstorm which blew lots of leaves off but it was still breathtaking. This area has recently been the victim of an enormous flood which turned a little creek into a raging torrent which took away bridges and house. So scary.

 And as I type this lying on my bed covered in Ann's great grandmothers quilt I have this beautiful view from my window. How lucky am I?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
love your blog always full of colour and inspiration.
not sure about food shots though reckon I might put on a kilo just looking at them .
cheers Jo

Anonymous said...

You are a trooper to step off the plane from OZ and start teaching. Most of us take 48 hours for body and clock to reset.

Off to the next stop.... I am enjoying the trip!

Dee Soden said...

what a wonderful trip and you're getting paid as you go . . . . way to go!
Love the photos, will look forward to more. Say Hi to 'Our Sally' when you see her, won't you?
Gee I wish I was even half as talented as you two. sigh.

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely pictures, hope your trip continues to be as wonderful, and Interesting for us back here in Oz.
Some results of your beading class with us should be on display shortly at the Embroiderer's Guild Geelong exhibition

Cathy said...

G'day Lisa. See you in Houston. We're in Ontario just now and will be driving down next weekend. Colours here are on the wane, with rain and wind. cheers, cathy

Robyn Anderson said...

Oooh all so inspiring- your energy and the sights! Spoke to a new friend at Brisbane Craft and Quilt show who is off to Houston next week and wanted all the details about you!btw you were missed. Robyn

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