Thursday, October 27, 2011

USA - Lancaster County

Well another thing to cross off the bucket list - I have been to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to come here and really enjoyed it.
Above is one of the quilt shops in Intercourse. They are all machine quilted and hand quilted. They are very well done and not too expensive for the work that I know has gone into them.
 Of course there were lots of Amish around. We did a tour in an Amish cart and the driver was a young man whose father had been born Amish but had left in his teens when they are given the chance. It was really interested as he obviously had hald an Amish family and knew all about their lives. Very interesting

 A visit to nearby Hershey was really interesting - check out the streetlights. So cute. But because everything in town was called Hershey and it was all so pretty and ordered - I kept thinking about Stepford........
 We did the free simulated factory tour which was interesting but the whole place was a bit over the top for us. In fact I think we are the only people who ever went to Hershey without buying a single chocolate.
 We stayed in the Summer Cottage of this farm.

It was so peaceful even if the bedroom was a little over the top
The Quilt and Textile Museum in Lancaster (we went twice - first time it was closed) was another place to visit but we were a bit disappointed
as it only had two exhibitions and one was the Esprit Amish collection which I have actually already seen twice and a small interesting one by Susan Levi-Goerlich which had some interesting textures.
 A trip to Walmart was also required - this whole section was just for microwave popcorn! In Australia we only have a couple of varieties so seeing all these was pretty eye popping.
We resisted the urge to buy some of these - actually it wasn't too hard to resist.
I should have bought Peter one of these Angry Birds as he is addicted
We had fun in Lititz making some pretzels
 All in all it was really interesting and I am so glad we went. I think a few days more would have been really perfect.


ChristineAbela said...

Great story! Thanks for posting. I look forward to more adventures.

And ew - those cheese balls. I can't stand even one, let alone such a huge jar!


Cathy said...

I just spent 3 days in the same area. I am from Minnesota but have a friend that grew up Menonite and in that area. I loved being there and want to go back when I have more time.

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