Sunday, October 23, 2011

USA - Boston

Our time in Boston has been terrific. It is a very vibrant city and actually reminds me a little of Sydney with the harbour and the bridges.  Lots of focus on sports but I guess that was because there were final things happening.
We found Quincy Market where there were about 40 different food stands. I had my first Philly Cheesesteak which actually quite delicious. Might have another sometime
We went to Salem (yes the real one) but we were pretty disappointed as it was commercial and tacky. The only part I liked was the cemetery. This is the actual hanging tree where the 'witches' were hung.
They don't have graves for them but there a memorial nearby with a stone for all those who were hung and for Giles Corey who was pressed to death with large stones. The Crucible has always been one of my favourite plays so seeing these stones was emotional. 

We are staying in the YMCA (cheap, comfortable rooms with free wifi and pool and gym - which I ignored). It is close to the USS Constitution which is the oldest commissioned boat in the US Navy - it fought the battle of 1812 against England. I wouldn't have been a very good sailor in these conditions.
 But I loved all the ropes and knots.

Someone told me that there was a Chihuly Exhibition on at the Museum of Fine Arts so we headed off there only to be told that it finished in September. I was very disappointed although the Museum has managed to purchase this little piece of his which was pretty spectactular
I could have bought this small piece of his but I was a few dimes short of the $6000.  

There was however, a brilliant exhibition of Degas with works from the Musee D'Orsey and other collections which was worth the visit.
This was not a Degas but we found it tucked away in a corner near a lift but I loved her shape.
All in all - we really enjoyed Boston but tomorrow we head off for the next adventure - Lancaster County.


Unknown said...
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Corinne said...

I am so enjoying reading your blogs from the part of the world I live in. It reminds me not to take what we have here for granted.

Mary-anne said...

Lancaster County!!! I am jealous. Have been twice (very lucky girl that I am) and loved it. Where are you staying????

Jane said...

Greatly enjoying your travelogue Lisa, sounds like a wonderful trip. Must admit, those hammocks just didn't do it for me either!

Anonymous said...

I'm a native Nebraskan, but moved to MA in the late 80's. I'll never forget the first (and about only) time I went to Salem - I had the same reaction you did! Come on up to Gloucester, MUCH more to see and do!

Jean MN said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods! Glad you had a chance to visit the Market place! A wonderful,eclectic, gastro intriguing site.

My reaction to visiting Salem the 1st time was very similar. Since then we have found some cute/nice places to visit.

I hope you had time to visit Cambridge as there is a lot of wonderful history there as well.

Enjoying following your view of my homeland. Welcome to this side of the "pond" :)

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