Monday, November 21, 2011

A Few more Beads

I haven't really been buying beads lately as some would say I have an obscene amount (and they could be right) but on my travels in the US I just couldn't resist these. The Bead store in Dupont Circle proved irresistible although the staff could have been a little more friendly.

 Love the diamond shape - wish I had got more and flat round ones are always useful
 This one is about 1'' big - don't know where I will use it but I just liked it.
 These bakelite circles in Houston were just too gorgeous to pass up
And finally - this pack of lucite beads was just $4 in the Antique Market in Vermont and apart from my sock wool and memories I just needed another souvenir of a beautiful place.


Jane Monk said...

Lovely beads ... love the lucite ones.

Joy said...

love the beads especially the deep Blue ones lucky lady to own them

Banaghaisge said...

Very yummy beads!