Monday, November 28, 2011

New Delivery

I absolutely love it when I get a delivery. My latest batch of Felts has just arrived and I have spent a while taking photos and getting them on the website.
Each pack is absolutely unique due to the quality of the different felts so I just can't show you everything on the website so thought I would add some additional pictures here.

These are Recycled Felted Wool Pieces in 3 useful pieces of 4.25" x 3.5". They come in Greens, Greyscale, Mono ( plain fabric) and Mixed (patterned and plain fabrics)

Recycled Felted Wool Pieces in 3 useful pieces of 4.25" x 6". They are larger pieces than the Chunks but in the same 4 colourways
Lovely die cut woolen felt flower shapes - 6 per pack
Three sizes of circles in beautiful recycled woolen felt
  • Large - 2.75" - 6 pieces in pack
  • Medium - 1.75" - 10 pieces  in pack
  • Small - .875" - 30 pieces in pack
Also with this order came more Felt Ball Collections and they are so yummy.
My order of beading tools came today too - these are a pefect addition to the kit orders for bending wires and cutting and very inexpensive


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