Monday, April 9, 2012

More Fun with the Sun Dye Paints

 I am finally ready for the AQC and thought I would have another play with the Sun Dye Paints as it is such a beautiful day in the garden.
Burst 1 
Wattle then Sky Blue painted onto white fabric
Sprinkled with Epsom Salts - I find these always work well and more predictable than normal salt.
After about an hour
Close Up of edge - love this - the paint was very thin - barely brushed on at the edges
Steampunk Stencils
Fabric painted with Moss Green and Violet Sun Dyes in criss cross pattern with 1" paintbrush.
Steampunk Series Stencils placed onto painted fabric
Left about 20 mins in the sun
Steampunk Lace Stencil placed over the sunprinted fabric and then Sun Pearl with a little Chamomile dry brushed into the stencil
I really like this one

Close Up - image could have been sharper if the brush was a little drier. I could have also sprayed some spray adhesive onto the back of the stencil for a tigher seal but I was too impatient.

Burst II
Sun pearl with a little Violet mixed in for the centre then painted around with Violet then Indigo then Moss Green
Epsom salts sprinkled onto fabric. The crystals go white when they are dry. i think my fabric could have been a bit damper
Notice how the centre - which was mainly the Sun Pearl was not really affected by the salts.
Close up of edge - looks a bit like the edge of the sun. Maybe I will try one in warm colours next. 

Sun print with leaves.
 First painted with Moss Green and
 I noticed that the leaves flatten out as they wilted in the sun so I got a better sun print
After about 20 minutes
Close Up- again - the Sun Pearl creates a opalescent look to add to the textures.
So that was my playing today - such fun.  I can see lots of potential using these paints can't you?


Kit Lang said...

Looks like so much fun! I tried sun printing last summer, but it turns out our garden is too shady to be able to pull it off.

I'll enjoy through yours instead. :)

shawn said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!