Saturday, April 14, 2012

Opulence Paint

Just took delivery of some more Sun Dye Paints and added some Opulence Inks to the order too. Just got some of the Isis Gold (yellow gold) Aurum Gold (whitish gold) and Argent Silver.

So used a stamp I'd made from Wet & Grow Sponge and dipped it in some diluted
Isis Opulence and then stamped it on a piece of hand dye.

I love the random texture caused by the sponge.
Also used one of the Cathedral series stencils with diluted paint. I tried to use a piece of cardboard as a scraper through the stencil but it didn't really work. So I just squished up the sponge from the previous sample and dabbed that in the diluted paint and onto the stencil.
Think I will try it again with a makeup sponge next time to get a sharper image but not bad for a hotel room job I think. Will be nice quilted I think.
I will put the Opulence up on the website as soon as I get home.


Stephanie Newman said...

LOVING how these stamps are working out on that fabric! I love watching you experimenting and your willingness to share what works well for you with paints and printing.
I'd like to show you some appreciation by awarding you the Liebster Blog Award!
If you aren't sure what it is, visit my blog at

Kate said...

Love the patterns, especially from the stamp you made, very cool!