Monday, April 2, 2012

Ring Around the Felts Bracelet

Last night I made up this kit from our Fabulous Felts range. Apart from not reading the instructions properly (a common problem with me) it didn't take very long and was very easy

First I pierced the balls with the Felts Needle (included in the kit) and threaded on the caps and small felt balls.
Next step was to close the ends with a wrapped loop.
I didn't know how to do this so I googled it and came up with a great little video and was soon wrapping like a pro. Well maybe not like a pro but it certainly helped.
Unfortunately I actually only needed to do this to 4 of the 7 of them. Silly me . Luckily there were some extra wires in the kit so I redid three of them the correct way.
First wrap wire around one side of the ring
Then add the cap/ball/cap and wrap other side of the wire to the opposite side of of the ring.
So clever aren't I?
 Here they are all ready to be joined with the jump rings.

Then I just connected the toggle clasps and I was done! 

So cute and only took about an hour even with the reworking.

The kit is on the website and has everything included except that you will need some Jewellery round nose pliers, chain nosed (flat sided) pliers and wire snips.
I have an inexpensive set available on the website if you don't have any.


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Anonymous said...

That looks great, Lisa and really easy to make. I am going away for easter and I think I have just found the perfect project. Small, light & quick. Thanks!! Allison